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Why Clones?

I was going over what came out of Davos the last few weeks and heard something from Daphne Koller that struck a chord with me. Why are we trying so hard to replicate what we already have?

The milestones by which AI is measured are almost all based on what we, as humans can do. Why? Why don’t we try to develop something different? A different kind of intelligence? A different kind of reasoning? Something that compliments what we are and what we can do instead of competing with who we are?

What an obvious question to ask.

We may not do a good job of developing our potential, but we can. So why are we trying to build something that has that potential fully developed? There are problems that we have real difficulty addressing. Maybe a different kind of reasoning might illuminate problems in a way that we can see a direction to take. There are numerous unanswerable questions in the world. They might just be unanswerable because our reasoning ability and rational approach to the world might blind us to the answers. Why not build a powerful AI that has a different way of reasoning?

More questions than answers, but something we should be thinking about.

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