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Artificial Intelligence and learning to think

With AI rapidly acquiring traditional deep thinking skills (rationality, logic, reasoning, and critical thinking), it is imperative that we develop our thinking skills as quickly as possible and to a depth that will allow us to work as equals with our inventions. Shane Legg and Demis Hassabis, Google's DeepMind cofounders, are working toward an AI system that can “outperform 100 percent of humans” across a “wide range of non-physical tasks, including metacognitive abilities…".

Google's ambitions might be higher than they can realistically achieve, but if they even get close, you need to do all that you can to develop yourself and your critical team members as much as possible.

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Critical Thinking

Critical thinking is a fundamental abstract thinking skill. It is a skill that most of us need more of and we can all think of others who don't appear to have any at all. At Socelor, it is our business to teach you how to use critical thinking. We don't specialize in teaching you what it is, but we teach you how to do it. Many of you will have taken classes that are called critical thinking that focus, almost exclusively, on what critical thinking is. We teach you how, not what.

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