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value of aces

The value of abstract cognitive enablers (ACEs) are incalculable

Below is a list of some of the advantages that come with the acquisition of ACEs. As unbelievable as they look, these advantages of learning ACEs are backed by scientific evidence and are available to almost anyone who wants them.


  • Quicker recognition of and innovation with efficiency gains

  • Insights into dealing with challenges and problems

  • Increased problem-solving abilities

  • Divergent problem-solving abilities

  • Flexibility in thinking

  • Recognition of the positive and negative aspects of critical innovations

  • Increased understanding of the implications of actions

  • Improved planning abilities including better predictive ability of outcomes

  • Improved pattern recognition increases the ability to detect trends and patterns in activities

  • Accurate knowledge of the availability of our cognitive skills and when they should be used

  • Double the intellectual ability of what is expected from an IQ score

  • Deep reasoning

  • Understanding what we know, what we don’t know, and what we need to find out in order to meet our need

  • Increased rational thinking and understanding

  • Improved critical analysis of evidence

  • Improved ability to focus attention

  • Increased persistence when needed

  • Improved ability to see both the wider picture and attention to detail depending on the need

  • Bringing creativity into every aspect of life

  • Increased mindfulness – being aware of our own thought processes in the moment

  • Increased awareness of what is going on around us

  • Significant reduction in depressive relapses

  • Improvement in general feelings of wellbeing

  • Enables increased development of abstract moral and ethical development stages

  • Reduced state anxiety in situations requiring thinking


How can anyone put a value on ACEs? What organization would ignore someone who clearly demonstrates these abilities? If you want job security and value in your life for today and tomorrow, Socelor is the answer.

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