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Training for Tomorrow or yesterday

Retraining for tomorrow's world

Traditional retraining programs have always been the answer for anyone who is seriously worried about the security of their work. The challenge that we see in today’s world is that there is so much that is uncertain about tomorrow, there is no longer any certainty about what job you need to retrain for.

Everything that felt solid, even five years ago, now feels uncertain in the world of work. Five years ago, a coding boot camp was a sure bet. There will always be computers and so there will always be a need for computer people. In the rush to learn coding, there was no one to remind people that coding is an algorithm and anything that lends itself to an algorithm is easy picking for AI. Now AI codes.

When the last industrial revolution was almost finished (1939), a local blacksmith expanded his business premises because “there will always be a need for workhorses.” He didn’t last long. The world that he knew was coming to an end and he didn’t have the foresight to realize it.

We are faced with the same problem today. There are too many offerings for retraining that will prepare you for a job that is unlikely to be there in a few years. However, it feels comfortable, and so millions of uneasy individuals without foresight will enroll in them because of that.

Even the new and certain that prepares you for a specific job is suspect. Right now, there is a push for people to be retrained to learn to properly use AI. A very valuable skill in these days of upheaval. But think about it. The advent of the new, easy-to-use generative AI that is widely available has happened in the blink of an eye. How long will it be before the user interfaces advance to the point where any specialized knowledge around the use of AI is redundant?

That’s why Socelor is all about abstract cognitive enablers (ACEs). Well-developed ACEs are in seriously short supply. If AI ever develops to the point where it has ACEs, it will be more important than ever for you to have them fully developed so that you can be on equal terms and not be a subservient partner to an AI system.

Socelor training is all about training and improving the native abilities that will enable you to reach the potential that is yours.

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