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Nurture skills that never expire

Abstract Cognitive Enablers

There is nothing new about Abstract Cognitive Enablers (ACEs). However, training for them has slowly disappeared. What used to be the purpose of a university degree was swamped by the massification of higher education that began in the 1950s and is still going on today.

These ACEs must be taught. They don’t just automatically appear like many of the Concrete Cognitive Enablers (CCEs). When you see them listed, they look almost alien. Once the domain of elite academics, with the application of techniques developed through The Science of Learning these skills are within reach of almost anyone. They include:



  •         Critical thinking

  •         Abstract reasoning

  •         Hypothetico-deductive reasoning

  •         Complex inductive reasoning

  •         Advanced understanding of logic

  •         Creativity

  •         Metacognition


ACEs look daunting, but they can be yours through Socelor. Having them will change your employment prospects for good and your life in the process.

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