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Artificial Intelligence is Here to Stay!

Are YOU?


It is real, here to stay, and going to improve every day. There are many AI experts who are looking forward to a worker’s paradise with AI assisting everyone to become something better.

However, you and I are realists. In a world based on cutthroat capitalism, workers are expendable. If your organization can get the work you do without the you part then that’s what will happen.

Unfortunately, as AI impacts the workplace, AI will improve and displace more and more of us. Thinking otherwise is unrealistic. If you, or even part of you, can be replaced by AI you will be replaced.

No matter how much I value my contribution to the organization I work for, I know that I am expendable and will always lose out to the needs of the shareholders to improve the return on investment. With me gone, there will be that little bit more for them.

Until the basic values of our society change (people before money), AI will threaten your security and you know and feel it.

Use Socelor to give you an advantage. If AI is developed to the point where it can master the highest level of human thinking, it is imperative for you to know how to think so as to be at least as powerful as AI. At least knowing how to think as well as highly developed AI means that you will not need to be subservient. Develop your thinking and reach your full potential.

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