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Ace  Inventory

An ACE is an Abstract Cognitive Enabler - the kind of thinking that Artificial Intelligence (AI) can't do. This is a self-administered inventory taking between 30 and 45 minutes.


The principal drawback of using a self-administered test is social desirability - providing answers that will make you look good to others. Since no one will be looking at your results, you are only trying to look good to yourself.

Your results will be anonymously pooled with others to provide normative values for the sub-scales and statistical procedures to measure the test itself.


 All that is required is that you respond yes or no to the statements depending on whether the statement applies to you. At the end of the inventory, you will be provided with the results to see your performance on some of the ACEs.


This is a start so you can consider whether you are ready to compete with AI in the world where 60% of jobs will be affected by AI with about half of those jobs completely eliminated. Are you ready for this?


We can help.

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